Sandy Lane Auto Coaching & Photography Project

About the Company

Sandy Lane Auto provides a full package for repair services, maintenance, vehicle inspections, and tire sales for all makes and models of European vehicles in the Edmonton area. They are the largest European auto repair shop in Edmonton.
sandy lane auto


Increase in Google Review Sastification


Increased Search Engine Rankings (Keywords)




Sandy Lane Auto needed to increase their marketing exposure in the auto industry. Their SEO rankings were significantly high in certain markets, however ownership wanted to understand the “why” in SEO. Also they wanted to learn how develop tactics to improve their web performance. One of the key challenges in Sandy Lane’s SEO was their off-page SEO. For photography, the main challenge, was the team needed to get creative with the client’s facility to develop authentic content- for customers to see.


The main goal for this project was education on SEO/web development and content creation.


Sandy Lane improved in multiple keywords within the auto industry, through the increase in referrals, affiliate marketing, and google reviews (off-page SEO). Sandy Lane was also provided content for future use for marketing material.


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