Malto Developments Branding & Website Project

About the Company

Malto Developments is a new general contracting company which provide renovation services in Alberta. The organization focuses on basement, full-home, kitchen, and accelerated renovations.
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Due to the company being a startup, CBN Marketing needed to build Malto’s initial brand guidelines, logo, colours, typography, and website design, to showcase the organization. This project’s process was from scratch.


Malto Developments aimed to have a brand and website that spoke to their story and vision, while also targeted new investors. CBN highly emphasized investor interest as the main objective for the project.


Malto Developments were provided with a cohesive brand, with materials to help investors promote the company. A website was developed to help educate individuals of their services. This website is also niche targeted for investors, which makes Malto different from their competitors.


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