Blackhawk Aeronautical Google Ads Project

About the Company

Blackhawk Aeronautical Solutions is the leader in aerial drone photography, aerial drone video, consulting and aerial drone training. In business since 2014, their clients include real estate agents to industrial projects to small and large scale production companies. They specialize in drone photography, drone training, drone video, drone inspections and drone surveying/mapping.
blackhawk aeronautical solutions


Return on Investment (ROI)


Cost per Click Average


Clicks per Month


The challenge for this project, was creating targeted “affinity audiences” that had customer interest in Blackhawk’s services. CBN needed to conduct some market research to identify how to target Blackhawk’s services.


The goal for this campaign was lead generation. The main priority was targeting drone training courses.


Blackhawk developed a return on investment with their Google ads campaign, while displaying a diverse audience in Alberta and Northern BC.


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